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All mergers which meet notification thresholds must be notified to the Competition and Tariff Commission (‘the Commission’) – a statutory body established in terms of the Competition Act [Chapter 14:28] (“the Act”), mandated to promote and maintain fair competition in all sectors of the economy of Zimbabwe through regulation of mergers, amongst other areas. This article provides a general overview of the administrative penalty for non-notification of mergers as provided for in the Act.

What are the Timelines for Merger Notification?

Section 34A (1) of the Act, provides that a party to a notifiable merger is required to notify the Commission in writing of a proposed merger within thirty days of the i) conclusion of the merger agreement between the merging parties; and/or ii acquisition by one of the parties to that merger of a controlling interest in another.

What Happens if Parties Fail To Notify Within Stipulated Timelines?

If the merging parties fail to fulfil the above requirement and proceed to consummate a merger without the Commission’s approval, the Commission is empowered to impose a penalty as provided for in terms of section 34A (3) of the Act. The Commission may impose a penalty if the parties to a merger i) fail to give notice of the merger as required; and ii)proceed to implement the merger without the approval of the Commission.

What is the Level of Penalty Imposed by the Commission?

Section 34(4) of the Act provides a penalty imposed in terms of subsection (3) may not exceed ten per centum of either or both merging parties’ annual turnover in Zimbabwe, as reflected in the accounts of any party concerned for the preceding financial year. The penalty imposed by the Commission serves as a deterrent against non-notification of mergers and promotes compliance by merging parties. The applicable penalty is calculated as a proportion of merging parties’ turnover on a scale from zero percent (0%) to 10 percent (10%).

What are the Factors Considered by the Commission in Calculating the Penalty?

The penalty level is based on an analysis of factors listed in section 34A (5) of the Act. In determining whether the proportion of the penalty will be at the higher or lower end of the scale (i.e. 0% to 10%), the Commission will be guided by the extent of violation of the following factors:-

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