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Welcome to the Competition and Tariff Commission

The Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) is an autonomous statutory body established in 2001 through Competition Act [Chapter 14:28] with the dual mandate of:-

  1. implementing and enforcing Zimbabwe’s competition policy and law; and
  2. executing the country’s trade tariffs policy

Statutory Functions of the Commission

The Commission’s statutory functions are articulated in Section 5 of the Competition Act

  1. to encourage and promote competition in all sectors of the economy;
  2. to reduce barriers to entry into any sector of the economy or to any form of  economic activity;
  3. to investigate, discourage and prevent restrictive practices;
  4. to study trends towards increased economic concentration, with a view to the investigation of monopoly situations and the prevention of such situations, where they are contrary to the public interest;
  5. to advise the Minister of Industry and Commerce in regard to all aspects of economic competition, including entrepreneurial activities carried on by institutions directly or indirectly controlled by the State, and the formulation, co-ordination, implementation and administration of Government policy in regard to economic competition;
  6. to provide information to interested persons on current policy with regard to restrictive practices, acquisitions and monopoly situations, to serve as guidelines for the benefit of those persons;
  7. to undertake investigations and make reports to the Minister of Industry and Commerce relating to tariff charges, unfair trade practices and the provision of assistance or protection to local industry;
  8. to monitor prices, costs and profits in any industry or business that the Minister of Industry and Commerce directs the Commission to monitor, and to report its findings to the Minister; 

Recent News

Thursday, 11 May 2017

All our valued Stakeholders are kindly advised that the COMESA National Sensitization Workshop which was initially scheduled for the 16th May 2017 has been rescheduled to the 22nd May 2017 to accommodate some hounarable delegates. The Commission would...

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Merger Determinations
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Commission approved the following Mergers:  Merger Determination Acquisition of 100% Shareholding in Datlabs (Pvt) Limited by Langdesh Investments (Pvt) Limited approved without conditions  Acquisition of Palatial Gold...

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