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The Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) is an autonomous statutory body established in 2001 through the Competition Act [Chapter 14:28]

Competition Division

After receiving complaints from the general public, business firms, Regulators and other Government Departments, the Commission would investigate to ascertain whether there would be contravention of the Competition Act. The Competition Act [Chapter 14:28] prohibits two main types of restrictive business practices:
(i) restrictive practices that are considered using the rule-of-reason approach; and
(ii) unfair business practices that are per se prohibited.

Tariffs Division

The Commission's trade tariffs operations primarily involve giving assistance or protection to local industry through, inter alia:

(i) the raising of tariff charges on imported commodities or services that compete with commodities or services provided by the local industry,

(ii) the lowering of tariff charges on imported commodities or services that are used by the local industry

Legal and Corporate

The Legal and Corporate Services Division is central to the Commission's operation. It provides internal legal serives to the Board of Commissioners the Directorate. It also assists in the handling of ompetition and Tariffs cases at the full scale investigation stage, and in preparing cases for public or stakeholder hearings. It therefore plays the crucial role of linking the Directorate's investigative functions with the Board of Commissioners' adjudicative functions.

Research Unit

The Unit is responsible for the following:

a) providing research services to all Operational Divisions
b) maintaining the Commission's Database

Finance and Administration

The Commission's Finance and Administration Department provides a Financial and administrative service to other operational divisions of the Commission, which are essential for the effective undertaking of the Commission's operations.

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The Competition and Tariff Commission is a statutory body that operates under the guidance of the Competition Act (Chapter 14:28). One of the